Credit card companies, mostly banks all work with certain principles which govern the way they function. Knowing them will help you in understanding your cards better. These principles also make them to re-assess themselves from time-to-time and stay on top in the competitive world.

We as a nationalised bank follow certain principles in order to serve our customers better, never compromising on our services and our profits. It’s no wonder that everyone works for that little profit, that’s business. Don’t be fooled by someone or a clever guy, who doesn’t work for profit. It doesn’t run in this sector, where money is everything that they deal with!


Liquidity is the ability of an asset to turn into immediate cash, like fixed deposits and other fund deposits. So, paying the customer the cash, right when needed is the liquidity of the bank, in its terminology. So being able to produce liquid cash in less time keeps us going and on top of others.


As we said, no one works without profit. As banks we too keep a marginal profit in the form of short tenure loans, which bring the major percent of profit.


This is the basic thing that everyone does, save for the future. So many of us hold savings accounts, to deposit some amount and get an interest in return and then take them back or rotate.

How does this work from bank end? The collected money is actually invested elsewhere by us, banks and the profit is actually shared as interest. Definitely some percent is for the bank as profit.


No one sustain in this highly competitive world, without being efficient. So, we take all measures to stay efficient in all that we do. Our employees are trained often for any new services or products and make sure they attract the right kind of people and become a right point of contact for the customers.


The most important part, Service without which we never exist! Customer service is our prime importance. Your satisfaction is what takes up top, makes us successful and we seethat there is no stone left unturned in treating our customers, giving them better loan rates and interest rates and providing services at their fingertips. We value your time and trust in us.

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